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book:  Trenton You Can't Start the Spiritual Journey Until You Have A Broken Heart

Trenton, 1990
Belle Meade Press

You Can't Start The Spiritual Journey
Until You Have A Broken Heart

Take the edge of the past, 
not the whole 
just the edge, 
the way the art teacher 
said You Blink Too Much, 
the way the English teacher said 
Your Father Must Have Written This-
It's Too Good . . . 
This must be why
God started talking to me
in my own voice with 
thoughts of 
consequence and 
ideas I never knew, 
in my own voice, 
even though I thought 
a better one surely 
should be found, 
and certainly could be found- 
It sounded at first 
like a fiery sun 
and a silk moon 
spinning through me,
in tongues 
and languages
I finally understood 
but fast- so fast- 
by the time I got the pen
it was gone.