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book: Body Fluids Two by Two

Body Fluids, 1977
The Bunny and The Crocodile Press

Two by two, everyone, walking briskly, wearing important
And carrying brief cases
The smallest clown of all comes on, does a fall
Tugs on passersby
To say "I've found a cricket in my room. It's crawling
Up my wall"
It's Good Luck. Actors march across the stage, smartly,
"But I'm scared. It's all fuzzy"
It's good luck "And he has crooked legs and it jumped on my arms"
Crickets bring good luck "But I couldn't find it, and now
It's in my room waiting to jump on me again at night when
I am sleeping. It makes funny sounds, besides, I'm scared
Of crickets"
A cricket on the hearth brings luck to the home (brisk walk)
"At night when I'm alone, I hear it hiding in the wall
Chirping and clicking. There's a cricket in my room!"
A cricket! Congratulations.