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book:  WPFW Poetry Anthology  WPFW 89.3FM Poetry Anthology

The Bunny and the Crocodile Press, 1992

WPFW 89.3FM Poetry Anthology


In the beginning there was a heartbeat followed by a word. This synthesis of music and literature has driven humankind to heights of inspiration, entertainment and enlightenment.

For the past 15 years WPFW-FM/Pacifica Radio in Washington, D.C. has been at the forefront of presenting local and national artists to the metropolitan area and beyond.

Grace Cavalieri, a volunteer producer, has made a lifetime commitment to the poetic form by producing the radio program The Poet and the Poem. Her dedication, vision and forethought has resulted in this anthology.

The poets who are contained in this volume of poetry represent a range of poets that have been guests on WPFW radio. It also represents some of the greatest poets of our time. Nowhere else have so many poets of note and color been heard and revealed. All serious poets examine life and all of its manifestations. The messages in this anthology are uncompromising statements. They are conscious themes of historical urgency that are innovative and committed to the psychological liberation of people.

...Grace Cavalieri is to be commended for her voluntary dedication to The Poet and the Poem. Her vision to anthologize these great bards of urban and rural literature are timely and important.

Leon Collins
General Manager

WPFW 89.3FM Poetry Anthology is available for $17.00 (includes shipping and handling). Send check or money order to:
The Bunny and the Crocodile Press
1821 Glade Court
Annapolis, MD 21403-1945